Bizarre Fantasy Writing Prompts

Two days into the new year! Clearly that means it's time to get writing. Since I've been in a huge fantasy mood lately, we're going to continue the bizarre writing prompts series with some fantasy-themed fare. Enjoy! Feel free to post others if you think of them.

1. Write a story centered around a lonely minotaur who enjoys classical music, sharp cheese, and chasing maidens.

2. Write a story in which every character has some ability to use magic except for your main character. (I mean NO magic, not even a little bit, not even the power to pull fluffy bunnies out of hats.)

3. Write a story in which a fluffy bunny of some magical consequence is the key to defeating the villain.

4. Write a story in which the villain is 100%, certifiably insane--but has a really powerful delusional reason for wanting to cause trouble / be evil.

5. Write a story in which magic exists and can be extremely powerful, but saps the life from you every time you use it.

6. Write a story in which at least five creatures show up at some point to be helpful/harmful, and none of them exist in Earth in any mythology or otherwise.

7. Use at least five of the worst, most groan-worthy fantasy cliches--and then turn them all on their heads by the end of the story.

8. Your Earthling character gets dropped into a fantasy world. They can't speak the language. If they are able to be taught it, it takes a reasonable amount of time for them to pick it up. Two weeks is not reasonable.

9. A main character who is super powerful and important but is just a plain dreadful, unpleasant person.

10. A fantasy world with modern technology. Go.

Happy writing!

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  1. Hi ^_^ Love your site! These prompts are fantastic--I'm using number 8. Thanks so much!