Lucky 7: A brief Dark Moon: The Ward of Shadow excerpt

The very awesome S.M.Boyce has tagged me with this uber-neat writerly meme, Lucky Number 7.  Go check out her excerpt.  It's a great LICHGATES peek!

If you’re unfamiliar with the meme, the rules are:

  • Go to page 77 of your current MS
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
  • Tag 7 authors
  • Let them know

So here ya go. 7 lines from DARK MOON: THE WARD OF SHADOW ... which I just finished final edits on and am super excited to clean up and submit! Not the most exciting scene, but a fun one nonetheless.
“I never learned magic. It’s not my fault,” she muttered. The defiance in her voice wilted beneath a weight of fear. This was turning out to be a rough morning. Only four days after the journey to Saevica, Lena had woken to the shattering of glass. Thunder ripped through her room, and she had only time to tumble out of bed before she was sucked into dark space and dropped like an abandoned doll onto stone. Darkmoon was a shuddering tangle of legs next to her, both of them squinting through the dawn greyness at the vast shape of the dragon glaring down at them. That had been three minutes ago.

Let me know what you think! And now, for my victims.

@KirkusMacGowan - Kirkus MacGowan
@Xean007 - S.M. Hineline
@MCliffordAuthor - M. Clifford
@BrianRathbone - Brian Rathbone
@cherylktardif - Cheryl K. Tardif
@thefusionseries - Emma Byford
@jaypatrickclark - Jay Patrick Clark

Enjoy!  (And check those authors out, they're lovely people!)

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