Guest Post: S.M. Boyce on the new Lichgates Grimoire pendant!

I own the One Ring. The medallion from the Aztec tomb that Elizabeth Swan wore. The Evenstar and the Time Turner have been on my list forever. So it follows that, basically, I adore jewelry based in fiction. When a world is particularly vivid and accessible to me, I long to live in it. Owning the jewelry from the text—or the swords, the magical devices, even the candy—is one very tangible way to feel like I’m a part of that world. Like some piece of that world is real, even if I can’t access it. Call it dress-up for adults. Because who says you have to stop playing pretend just because you have a few more candles on your cake? Sounds like a recipe for a gray life to me.

I’m sure you fantasy fans are all nodding your heads over there. Because you get it. You collect swords from Tolkien and you’re Link for Halloween and you bought a specially-made wand for the Harry Potter midnight showing. What you may not yet know is that another piece of jewelry from another fantastic fantasy has just been made available to hoard! That’s right: S.M. Boyce is now holding a pre-sale for the iconic Grimoire pendant from her break-out novel Lichgates. Haven’t fallen in love with it yet? Check out the links below, give it a read, and you will. Boyce’s world breathes with life, is fantastically original, and makes you want to re-read it over and over, just so you never have to leave.

So obviously, I will be sticking with my delightful fantasy escapism and buying one (or both!) of the beautiful pendants. Then I, too, can pretend I have an awesome book that can teach me magic and talk back to me. Plus, it’s pretty, has deep symbolism, and comes in two colors—what could be better? To learn more about this gorgeous literary artifact and how you can get your very own, listen to a few words from the wonderful Boyce herself!  (And don't forget to check out the side bar, where you can win prizes by supporting Lichgates!) 

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Hey gang! I’m thrilled to be sharing some awesome news with you, and I’m so grateful that the amazing C. J. let me kidnap her blog for the day to do it. You may remember me from when I was here a last month on my Hidden World blog tour promoting my novel, The Grimoire: Lichgates. To those of you who participated and won some of the hundreds of dollars in prizes, thanks for making that tour so epic!
So today, I’m here with awesome, Grimoire-related news I think you’ll really like. Because we of the modern era like information to be fast and furious, I made this quick video to tell you what all the fuss is about:

Thanks again for having me today! You’re all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for reading Lichgates. You’re making all my geeky little dreams come true.

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