Writing: Things in books that make me cringe

Inspired by a delightful post by Amy over at My Overstuffed Bookshelf, I decided to take her lead and add a few things that turn me off of certain books.  They're not necessarily deal-breakers, but they definitely don't win you any points.

I will totally judge a book by its cover. I may still read it anyway, but only if I notice it or know about it. Like, I don't care what the cover for Crime and Punishment looks like because I'm seeking that book out. But that new YA urban fantasy with the poorly done cover just waiting on the shelf...well, I may never pick it up. 

Please. Make it stop. I know all the Twihards claim that Bella and Edward weren't. But come on. This trend is grating on my nerves. A few stolen glances and even some hardcore making out does NOT equal LOVE TO LAST THE AGES. I appreciate all the books trying to build real relationships for their heroines. Yeah, some intense romance is fun, but then don't call it OMGLOVESPARKLYRAINBOWS. Just accept it: it's infatuation. And it's creepy. 

Bad Writing 
I was an English major. Aka I'm a snob. I don't mind flat writing if the story is GREAT....but the story has to be pretty damn great. Most of the time, I'm just going to skim through it and never remember that I read it. You don't have to be Nobokov, but it would be nice if writers focused a little more on the mechanics and the poetry of writing, rather than just throwing down any old words. Or going metaphor-crazy. Short story writers know how important every turn of phrase is. Novel writers should take note. 

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