Waiting on Wednesday: Beyond by Graham McNamee

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a feature hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine to feature yet-to-be-released books.

Graham McNamee 
Coming September 11th, 2012

Jane is not your typical teen. She and her best friend Lexi call themselves the Creep Sisters. Only Lexi knows why Jane is different from anyone else: Her own shadow seems to pull her into near-fatal accidents. Jane is determined to find out why these terrifying things happen, and to overcome her shadow enemy. Her sleuthing with Lexi connects her own horrors to the secret history of a serial killer.  

“Serial killer” was all I really needed to take another look. You don’t find a lot of serial killers trawling the YA cover blurbs. Mostly they hang out with Preston, Child, and Patterson. So naturally I had to snap this one up. Sadly, I won’t be reviewing the lovely pretty galley, but I can wait for this like the rest of the peons. Jane’s shadow pulls her into accidents? Well, that’s definitely more interesting than your typical ghost and ghouls. Creep Sisters? Sounds like people I’d have loved to hang out with in high school. Sign me up.

Possibly the best part? No mention of spooky sexy lover boy. Pretty hard to find these days. Now, I love a good romantic subplot as much as the next closeted hopeless romantic—but seriously, guys. Not every story has to revolve around a sparkly hottie. And our bold heroines are starting to turn into nothing more than manic pixie dream girls. But that’s enough whining out of me. Basically, I’m looking forward to some badass girls taking down a creepy crawly serial killer. Take a look for yourself!

By the by, I'll be abroad for a conference until July 1st. So if you leave me any comments or tweets and I don't respond...well, I'm off gallivanting around the UK.  Cheers!  

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