Cover Love: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

I want to love this cover.  I really do.  Not only because it's J.K. Rowling, my writing idol and the creator of the fantasy world with which I've been most obsessed, but because I've been dreadfully excited about this book.  I don't hate it.  It meets many of my usual requirements.  Clean.  Unique font.  Only I guess I'd been hoping for something . . . flashier.  This reminds me a lot of that old Catcher in the Rye cover I'm also not that fond of.  Part of the problem is that red and yellow are a little too Ronald McDonald for me.  Thankfully, I have full confidence that I'll like the book better than the cover. 

And of course, a cover goes with a cover.  While we're on comebacks, here's a very unusual cover brought to us by the father of grunge, Neil Young, back with Crazy Horse.  Off of his new CD Americana comes the bizarre (and bizarrely catchy) version of "Oh Susannah."  Yeah, like the banjo one.  Give it a chance.  It'll get stuck. 

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