Cover Love: Everbound by Brodi Ashton

I've gone on record as saying that I loved the Everneath cover.  I'll say of Everbound: I love it too, but in the same way that I loved the other cover.  Because they're very, very close.  It's still beautiful, clean, and expertly blended, but it doesn't add much over the other cover.  I prefer my covers to look like they're in the same series while still, each one says something new.  As much as I will rage against the Twilight, it's a great example of such a series.  Clearly related, but they each say something different about the topic (ala Goya's black paintings for a less Twilight-y example).  So the lack of newness takes off a few points for me. 

And as always, with a cover comes a cover.  "Love Song" is one of the Cure's most iconic hits and, arguably, one of the 80's most iconic as well.  With this song, 311 shows what a cover should be (embellishing on my theme above).  They take the original song and stay true to it, while adding something new (their reggae-ska island-y overtones).  So pretty.  

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