Fridays in Verse: The Pirate's Love

This silly ballad was written by your whimsical author back in the storied year of 2007.  Did I use enough adjectives?  Huzzah!  Look later today for a book review!

“What is love?” the pirate asked,
Stroking coins of gilded make.
“Once I knew a bonny lass,
Then the answer did I know
‘Til I faced with my mistake.
Near the lake in mine home town
Did I spot her fiery cheek
And the eyelets of her gown
Ringed about limbs pale and thin;
But ‘twas I the one was week.
First a word then sweetly said
Then a stolen lover’s kiss
Perfumed hair against my head
And a woven golden band—
Oh, my love rejoiced in this!
Ne’er a man more glad than I
On each meet ‘neath looming stars
Ever mindful of her sigh
Chasing phantoms ‘round my ear
E’er forgetful of my scars.
‘Til the flowered arch grew near
Fit to fix an iron band
And in haste I sought her there
Where our kiss caught starry eyes
And our prints sank in the sand.
Lo! My soul had led me true
But to gape the Devil’s dance
For the hand she held was new
And the lips she grazed not mine
Weaving lies with innocence.
Now no more her kiss I own
Nor her sighs my utt’rance free
If the demoness live on
Meaneth nothing it for me
For my love, it lies in thee.”
There the pirate clutched his prize
And his heart did match its ray;
Gemlight mirrored in his eyes—
For a coin returns no kiss,
But its gild cannot betray.  

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