Fridays in Verse: The Prophecy of Caladen

In honor of Indie Week, I decided to share the only poem currently inhabiting the Dark Moon universe.  Well, the only acceptable one.  Because, hey.  I'm still indie at the moment.  And I'm running out of poems that don't bleed with teenage emoness.  So, here you go.  Enjoy!  Bonus points if you can tell me what poem I based its meter and rhyme off of.

Where the stars shine darkly, lies the fallen blade;
That kingdoms conquered and kingdom made;
The broken key alone shall its long sleep break;
And the sons of gold its power remake. 

Poison in the mountain shall find the start;
Second in the hands of the exiles’ heart;
Third in the waters where the maidens die;
The last with the castle in the turning sky. 

With fire and blood alone shall the silver signs be read,
Of kings returned, and of kings long dead.  
To the gate of gold in the land of endless day;
The secret speaks but “Take me up” and then “Cast me away”. 

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