Waiting On Wednesday: Two or Three Things I Forgot to Tell You by Joyce Carol Oates

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a feature hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine to feature yet-to-be-released books.

Joyce Carol Oates 
Coming August 21, 2012
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Joyce Carol Oates masterfully captures the unique experience of being a teenage girl in this provocative and poignant new novel in the vein of Wintergirls and Thirteen Reasons Why. It wasn't like she had not warned us. It wasn't like she had not prepared us. We'd known that something was wrong those last several months. But then, Tink hasn't actually vanished. Tink is gone, and yet—she is here somewhere, even if we can't see her. Tink? Are you—here? . 

Many WOWs, they’re books I’m curious about. Interested in. Will shove onto my Goodreads page and remember to read in a year or so when I get a bit of spare cash. This book, I will be buying the day it comes out and probably finishing night of. I’ve long loved Joyce Carol Oates’ stories, and have become recently obsessed with her style after reading Zombie, her fictionalized biography of a Dahmer-esque killer. (Plus my good friend J. Scott Sharp tells me my writing reminds him of her, and though I am bashfully skepticl, of course a little ego boost never hurts.) Back to the story. I loved, loved Thirteen Reasons Why with a passion, so much so that upon finding my copy was missing the last thirty pages, bought the e-book to finish it at three in the morning. So if this book is anything like that, and also feature Oates’ signature snark and beautiful language, it’ll be an automatic ten.


  1. I looked this book up after reading your post and realized it was on my TBR. Completely forgot. Great pick!

    1. Glad to remind you of it! It looks SO good. I'm excited.