Feature & Follow: Chayse @ The Book Reaper

This is an extremely unpretty post from my phone as I head towards the Titanic exhibit! It will be prettied as soon as I get home. Swear. [Edit: Now it's prettied!]

Q: What blogger inspires you? It can be any kind, it doesn’t have to be a book blog.

A:  Doodle from Doodle's Book Blog! In just over half a year she has gone from newblogger to blogger extraordinaire! She has tons of reviews, hosts great giveaways, gets to know people, and is super friendly and supportive! 

All follows loved and appreciated!  I can't wait to meet everyone!  


  1. Doodle! What a cute name I'm gonna have to go visit! :)

    Xpresso Reads

    1. You should! Love your blog as well. Now following. (:

  2. I can't read anything, its all light blue on light blue background, its all blended in, you may want to go change your template in blogger, you can keep this background, but you can use the advanced tab in the template area, to make the post and sidebars background a color, you uncheck the Transparent box, click a color that all your post text will show up on, if most is light text, then a dark color will work, and any text that is black, will turn white on its own. Just a suggestion, I really cant read anything. If i can't read it, its no use coming here. I didn't know if you knew how to change that, so its why I mentioned it.
    Here is my post if you want to come over, I will try to follow, but have not found the GFC icon to join.
    FF Post

    1. Can you tell me what browser you were viewing it in? It's usually black text on a light background. Sorry about the inconvenience.