Character Psych 101: Using personality tests to build character

Last time, we discussed how you can use the Big Five personality traits to mix and match unique characters. If that's not your style, fear not!  The world of psychology still has plenty to offer.  Got a character already?  Want to see how others might perceive them?  Want to make sure that brooding bad boy doesn't come off to your readers as a whiny neurotic?  

welcome to the world of personality tests! 

Personality tests are fun and easy to take.  The best part?  There are tons of them for free!  You can find everything from what your character's favorite color says about them to what your character's answers to certain questions means about their potential relationship problems.  It's a great way to to figure out how they might react to certain events; what kind of person they are; whether they come off like you want them to.

Keep in mind that these tests do not come with validity information and may or may not be accurate or useful for real-world personality information!  They're just great tools for getting a general impression of a character.  

some neat, comprehensive tests 

Here's one version of the famous personality test, which puts your personality into a type based on four elements: Introvert vs. Extrovert, Intuition vs. Sensing, Thinking vs. Feeling, Judging vs. Perceiving.

More Myers-Briggs
Here's another version that gives you the same kind of types and some more comprehensive information.

Myers-Briggs Types
Some great information on what the types mean for learning, relationships, and other aspects of your character's life.

Mary Sue Test
This isn't a personality test so much as a character test.  Is your character too perfect?  Too cliche?  Too overdone?  Look for the warning signs!

donated by kayla curry

The following tests are some that author Kayla Curry uses to check out her characters.  

A basic test to tell if your character is more introvert or extrovert.  

Figure out where your character's intelligence is strongest.  

Several tests to look at personality types, career paths, and other aspects of personality.  

Where is your character strong?  Where are they weak?  


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