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Welcome to a new feature: Books By Theme!  I realized when doing my last "Before there Was" that there are SO many good books out there people don't know much about, but some of them aren't classic look-a-likes (book-a-likes, if you will) or don't fit into that kind of category.  So how about other categories?  In the spirit of mini-reviews and recs, welcome to the newest feature!  And today, obviously, our theme is...

Halloween Reads

The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee
 I reviewed this ARC earlier this year and adored it.  It's your classic ghost story...with a twist.  If you're looking for something creepy with a lot of drama, a lot of suspense, and a really fun, sarcastic, relatable main character (and don't forget a cute romance, a murder, psychological problems that make you wonder what's real and what's not) then buy this immediately!  It's the story of a girl who's struggling with bipolar disorder--and the hauntings of an old ghost with a secret and a grudge.
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American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
If you have a strong stomach and are looking for gore and psychopathy, look no further.  We follow the rise and downfall of Patrick Bateman, 1980s playboy and secret serial killer extraordinaire.  It's alternately funny, grotesque, suspenseful, poignant, and chilling.  Recommended for more  mature readers!
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These are classic, and if you haven't read them, go do it now!  Based on urban legends, myths, folklore, and the creepy crawlies in a lot of authors' minds, these collected stories will alternately make you laugh and scream.  Perfect to tell around a campfire, a flashlight, or just to read quietly with some tea and a few candles.  The illustrations make it even better.

The Shining by Stephen King
I will preface by saying: I am not scared easily.  I walk boredly through haunted houses and it's my single greatest hope to find a horror movie that will actually get my blood pumping.  But this book scared me.  John and his family take over the old ski lodge for the winter months...but this inhuman place makes human monsters, and when the snow locks them in, cabin fever and old ghosts create the environment for murder.  It's a classic and absolutely chilling.  If it doesn't make it hard for you to sleep, you're braver than I am.

The Fear Street Saga by R.L. Stine
This set of three shorts books is still worthy of reading a decade later.  The Fear Street books were Goosebumps for older readers, and some of my favorites for a long time.  They're all fun and creepy, but this trio is particularly perfect for Halloween.  Following the story of Fear Street, a haunted area of Shadyside, from its very beginnings, it offers the best of historical, romance, and horror for older children, teens, and adults with young hearts.

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What other books are great for Halloween?

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