Follower and Reader Appreciation Survey and Giveaway

Hello, followers and readers!

I appreciate you!  And your input!  

For this reason, I have a few questions about your experience here at Sarcasm & Lemons.  It's totally voluntary but, every person who completes it will be entered in a drawing for a $10 book of their choice from The Book Depository!

You can either post it on the comments or e-mail it to me at the (dot) winnower (at) gmail (dot) com.  Just remember to leave me your e-mail so I can contact you if you win.  

Survey Says . . . 

1. What are your thoughts on the layout of Sarcasm & Lemons? 

2. What features do you most enjoy? 

3. What features do you least enjoy? 

4. What features would you like to see more / less of?  

5. What parts of the blog are strengths? 

6. What parts of the blog need improvement? 

Thanks for the help! 


  1. 1. The layout is great, alot of variety!
    2. Besides the giveaways, the reviews!
    3. Scarecrow (sorry)
    4. More reviews and stories you have.
    5. Your drafts on your stories.
    6. Add some more color to it. Change it up every few months or so.

    Thanks again for this opportunity :-)

  2. 1) I would like to see an image, some sort of brand :)
    2) The memes like Wishlist Wednesday and Book Finder
    3) Excerpts
    4) I think there are too many memes and would like to see more reviews
    5) The random posts like "Before there was HP"
    6) The Layout! Its too blue and it doesn't stand out.

    Thank you!

  3. 1) It's good. Although I think there's something missing. Maybe a header or banner would be nice.
    2) I really enjoy Cover Love. I'm a sucker for covers and you always made my day showing me amazing pictures that made me wanna read new books right away.
    3) Excerpts. I just don't like them. I like the entire story or nothing at all.
    4) Love your reviews, so probably it would be nice see more of that.
    5) "Before it was..." & "Musing" Those features are really entertaining.
    6) I think the layout still needs some work. It's kind of monotone. I like it but it doesn't feel completely right. More color or a header/banner could do some good.

    Thank you for the opportunity! Keep up the good work, so far I really like your blog :)

  4. I emailed you :).

    Thanks for taking our opinions into account!

  5. 1. It's really easy to navigate and loads up quickly. It has some pictures but not too much which may slow a site down. The heading is a bit plain. A logo might be nice.

    2. Wishlist Wednesday. I like finding new books and take notice of books you want to read.

    3. Teaser Tuesday. Only because I prefer to read a book without teasers.

    4. More reviews, more books that have caught your eye (caught be a meme or not).

    5. I like how the reviews are clear and divided up into different components. It makes it clear and easy to see the strengths and weaknesses, and gets to the point.

    6. I wish there was more color to the layout. I like the shades of blue but a different color might make it pop more.

    Keep up the great blog and have fun blogging :)

  6. 1. What are your thoughts on the layout of Sarcasm & Lemons?
    It's easy on the eyes, I love the muted colours and the backgrounds adds a nice touch of elegance. Though I like the simplicity of the navigation I think it could use some organizing and the description under the title of your site on the header is a bit unnecessary, a short tagline would be better.

    2. What features do you most enjoy?
    I really liked the article "Before there was...Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling", you should do more book recommendations like that.

    3. What features do you least enjoy?
    Memes, as much as I like them the ratio of memes to reviews is overwhelmind. I don't really have much interest in Teaser Tuesday and Excerpts.

    4. What features would you like to see more / less of?
    Less of Teaser Tuesday and Excerpts, more reviews and book recommendations.

    5. What parts of the blog are strengths?
    I love that the reviews are broken into sections and I like the discussion posts.

    6. What parts of the blog need improvement?
    Focus more of your effort on content like more articles and reviews.

    1. My email is visabellad(at)

      Thank you! :)

  7. 1. The layout is good, but a logo as a header would be cool!

    2. The reviews, the giveaways and Waiting on Wednesday ^^

    3. Teaser Tuesday =(

    4. More "Before there was..." and "Books by theme"

    5. The way the reviews are written is awesome!

    6. Like other people mentioned, more colors to the layout, it is too blue.

    personaldeath (at) gmail (dot) com