Release: Treason by S.M. Boyce!

So, guess what? Not only am I alive (and apologize heavily for my absence, but hey, a friend was visiting and Halloween festivities took over my life) but Treason, the sequel to the snazzy fantasy Lichgates by S.M. Boyce, is released today!  

It takes place in the creative world of Ourea, filled with never-before-seen creatures and one of the coolest fantasy kingdom systems I've ever seen.  Main characters Kara and Braeden are complex and relatable, and I want to marry Braeden.  

So yeah.  You should read the first one if you haven't, and then you should buy the second one and REJOICE.  I'm currently almost done with my copy of Treason, and I can tell you this: it's even better than Lichgates, and I'm in love with Boyce's writing.   

Here's more info!  And don't forget to enter the grand prize giveaway and look out for tour stops.  The fun lasts until December 31st!  


Grimoire Trilogy #1

The Grimoire turns its own pages and can answer any question asked of it...and Kara Magari is its next target.
Kara has no idea what she's getting herself into when she stumbles across the old book while hiking along a hidden trail. Once she opens it, she's thrown into Ourea: a beautiful world full of terrifying beings that all want the Grimoire's secrets. Everyone in this new world is trying to find her, but most just want to control the new-found power the Grimoire bestows upon her.
Braeden Drakonin grew up in Ourea, and all he’s ever known in life is lying. The Grimoire is his one chance at redemption, and it lands in his lap when Kara Magari comes into his life. He has one question to ask the book—one question that can fix everything in his broken world—and he’s not letting Kara out of his sight until he gets an answer.
There’s no escaping Ourea.

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Grimoire Trilogy #2

Ourea has always been a deadly place. The lichgates tying the hidden world to Earth keep its creatures at bay—for now.
Kara Magari ignited a war when she stumbled into Ourea and found the Grimoire: a powerful artifact filled with secrets. To protect the one person she has left, she strikes a deal that goes against everything she believes in. But things don’t go as planned.
Braeden Drakonin can no longer run from who—and what—he is. He has to face the facts. He’s a prince. He’s a murderer. He’s a wanted man. And after a betrayal that leaves him heartbroken, he’s out for blood.
To survive, both Kara and Braeden must become the evil each has grown to hate.

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About S. M. Boyce

Boyce writes fantasy and paranormal fiction with a splash of humor. She’s a sarcastic twit, but she still has friends because some people seem to like that. Her B.A. in Creative Writing qualifies her to serve you french fries. Feel free to connect with her online or check out more about writing on her blog.

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