Showcase Sunday #6

Showcase Sunday is a meme to show off all the books you've collected this week!  

so i'm attempting to come back from the dark side and deliver you happy posties. let's see how well it works, yeah? just a few this week. 

i'm especially pumped about johnny got his gun because i've heard amazing things about it and i've wanted to read it since forever ago. 

look out for a review of go ask alice tomorrow, if i get my paper done in time. otherwise, tuesday! 

acquired this week 

Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo {paperback} 
Misery by Stephen King {paperback} 
Garden State by Rick Moody {paperback} 

Favorite review quote (about Garden State):  Rick Moody’s garden state is what I imagine Nirvana’s Never Mind album would have been if it were a novel. by Ryan Steele

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