Author Interview: Lisa Burstein

I am so, so very excited to reveal my very first author interview!  Lisa Burstein and her agent, Heather Riccio, were so kind as to take some time to help me get this set up.  If you don't know who Lisa is yet, you're missing out.  She's the author of Pretty Amy, a young adult novel about a girl who gets arrested on prom night...and the aftermath.  Her writing is witty, polished, and funny as hell.  Check out my review to learn more about Pretty Amy.  And to learn more about Lisa and the upcoming companion novel, Dear Cassie, read below! 

lisa burstein
author of pretty amy and dear cassie

So, let’s start with a bit about you.  What was your favorite childhood read, and what is your favorite adult read? 
Favorite childhood read was for sure any Nancy Drew book. I inhaled them :). Favorite adult read is A Handmaid's Tale by, Margaret Atwood.

What scene from Pretty Amy did you most enjoy writing? 
The scene in her great uncle's gynecology office. I remember telling my husband after I wrote the first draft of it that I had written the best scene I'd ever written. 

How will Dear Cassie be different from Pretty Amy?   
DEAR CASSIE is a lot darker and edgier. It deals with some really serious subjects (that I can't reveal b/c it would be a spoiler). It is also from page 1 a love story, albeit a reluctant one. I mean this is CASSIE we are talking about.

Does Dear Cassie describe the same time period as Pretty Amy, or will we get any clues about how Amy is doing after her book ends? 
DEAR CASSIE takes place during the month after PRETTY AMY ends. Amy does make an appearance in the book in one of the more shocking revelations. Lila is in the book in flashbacks that reveal some interesting aspects about her character.

Tell us a little bit about your process of finding an agent and publisher for Pretty Amy.  
It took me about 6 months to find an agent for PRETTY AMY, once I did we did revisions for about two months before we went on submission. It took about six months to get a publisher offer. Within that time, I did an additional revision and resubmission for the editor that eventually purchased it. As a note, this is not my first agent and my first time around trying to get an agent and sell a book took double the amount of time with no sale at the end of the process. So I felt lucky with the year it took to sell PRETTY AMY, even with all the revisions.

Who is your favorite contemporary young adult author?  What about favorite young adult author of all time?  
I don't feel like I can answer this. :)

If you could rewrite Pretty Amy, is there anything you’d do differently? 
I rewrote it SO MANY TIMES, in my own revisions, agent revisions, editor revisions that I really do feel like it was the very best book I could put out. I don't have any changes I would want to make.

The obligatory question . . . what is your best advice for aspiring authors? 
Don't give up. There were so many times I could have. The only reason I am published is because I never did.

So, I see from previous interviews that your favorite movie is Better Off Dead.  Are you a fan of other John Cusack movies (I ask because he’s my favorite actor of all time). 
I really like High Fidelity, Say Anything, Sixteen Candles and Being John Malkovich  :)

Alright, last one.  Who is your fictional crush? 
I am a bad YA reader. because I don't really fall for characters that way. My live crush is Ryan Gosling, of course ;).

Thanks so much for the interview!  I can’t wait for Dear Cassie!  For more Lisa Burstein, check out her links! 

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