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Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can’t deal with bad editing? 

A:  I'm not a fan of love triangles, unless they're done well.  I guess the worst thing, for me, is monotonous writing. He said. She said. He did. She did. Descriptions of absolutely useless scenarios (ala Bella eating her cereal).  Unrealistic dialogue...that might be the worst. Read your stuff, people!  Teenagers don't talk like Mr. Darcy...or robots.

All follows loved and appreciated!  I can't wait to meet everyone! 
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  1. Unrealistic dialogues! Definitely. And I'm so pissed that I forgot that one. Urgh!

    Patricia // My Hop

  2. Oh my! Your answer is awesome! Seriously! The dialogues get way TOO much at times these days. I mean, really, no one ever talks like that! ;)

    New follower here!

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  3. LOL!!!!! my link is http://kvlovesbooks.blogspot.co.uk/ if you could stop by . . I'm a new follower, thanks x

  4. I couldn't agree more with you.. authors really need to be aware of their readers especially if its a YA book!
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  5. I agree with all of those. I mentioned bad writing in my answer too, and dialogue really needs to be up to par! Old follower via GFC. My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Friday! :D

  6. Useless situations described till the most small details, so annoying!

    FF @thedailyprophecy.

  7. YES! Unrealistic dialogue and monotonous writing! Great answer, I wish I'd thought of those while I was making up my FFF LOL Thanks for sharing, new follower via GFC. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology too!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  8. A good point, I agree.


  9. You know, I've heard so many people mentioning the useless scenes in Twilight, and I just simply don't recall them. I think that's because I listened to it on audiobook and zoned out during most of it. ;)

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  10. Great answer! Love your comment on the useless scenes in Twilight :)
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