Feature & Follow: Reach for the Stars ... and the Books

Q: Books are turned into movies all the time! Turn it around. What movie would make a great book? 

A:  Great question!  Donnie Darko immediately came to mind.  I could see someone like Chuck Palahniuk writing it, or Susanna Kaysen, or David Leviathan or John Green.  Someone dark and cerebral but with some whimsy.  There's just so much narration in it already, so many things that could be delved into further.  I'd want it to be something surreal and a little hard to follow, with snippets of Sparrow's book interspersed like in the director's cut.  That or The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth.

All follows loved and appreciated!  I can't wait to meet everyone! 
I'll stop by your blog as soon as I can! 

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  1. The Dark Crystal is a good choice, I would read it.

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  2. Labyrinth would be a fun book. Actually, Lauren Oliver's newest book "The Spindlers" sort of reminded me of it! :) New follower:


  3. Great pick, Donnie Darko would be amazing. Old follower : )

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  4. I like your choices!

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  5. I would like Labyrinth too. I'm a new follower of your blog. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  6. Yes, Labyrinth. I'm a new follower. Please consider following me.
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