Musings: Why Halloween is the Highlight of my Existence

Okay, so this is going to be a really random post, but I LOVE Halloween and ...well, okay, mostly I just wanted to show off my costume because I'm an artsy narcissist.  Or something like that.  And Halloween costumes make me as giddy as a schoolgirl at an NSync concert.  (Is it weird that I almost forgot how to spell that?)  

Oh yeah.  Point.  Anyway, for this year's costume, I decided to finally do something I've wanted to do forEVER.  Even though I was pretty sure no one in this place would recognize it.  Because there is a severe lack of available nerds.  Anyhoo.  The knife was my pride and joy.  I made it out of cardboard but several people were briefly convinced it was real.  Score! 

The garter was an un-canon addition, but I wanted a holster for my knife so I didn't have to carry it all night.  Because I'm a nerd.  Also, I'm not sure why I look like I'm dead-eyed in this photo, but who cares!?  

If you're confused as to what exactly this is, you should probably go watch the trailer for one of the greatest PC games of all time.  

Oh, and I was right.  I had to explain my costume to like fifty people and it was really annoying and I started losing hope in the young gamer community.  But I didn't care.  Because Halloween is all about meticulously creating obscure costume replicas that you will walk around in for a few days and then hang in your closet with joy.  The only downside: I can't dress like this all the time.  I mean, without looking like a crazy person. 

I am now going to end this mostly self-serving post.  Look forward to reviews of Treason by S.M. Boyce and Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Weiss this week!  


  1. I totally recognized your costume and by the way, you look amazing! *applauds* Well done!

  2. Wow. I can't believe people couldn't tell who you were. Fantastic outfit.

    1. There are not enough gamers who emerge outside in this place, I think. :P Thanks!