Bizarre Fantasy Writing Prompts: Volume II

The first Bizarre Fantasy Writing Prompts has gone over so well that I thought I'd write another one!  Enjoy, and I hope these inspire you.  

Also, if you have a prompt idea, submit it to me by email and you could be included in Volume III (with your name as credit and a link to your website of choice!).  Feel free to submit prompts for any genre.  I'll be making many more lists of prompts for romance, horror, contemporary, etc.!  

The Prompts

1. An Earth in which fantasy creatures are everyday things and coexist naturally with humans.   

2. Write your story from the evil villain's perspective.  

3. Pick your favorite historical figure. Now write a story about them assuming they have bizarre fantastical powers that were never recorded by history.  

4. Pick a pantheon of ancient gods and write a story in which they have all been reincarnated as humans.  You're not allowed to use the Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians.  Let's branch out here.  

5. The hero's great deeds are actually performed by his/her imaginary friend.  Go.  

6. Create a lovable motley band of heroic adventurers.  Kill them all by the end of the story.  

7. Wizards in space.  Go.  

8. A fantasy epic (or short story) told from the perspective of the super awesome magical object that will save everyone.  

9. A cataclysmic struggle between the forces of good and good.  

10. The only people with magical powers are those with physical or mental disabilities.  

Happy writing!


What are some ways to make these prompts even more bizarre?  

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  1. I love this idea and have copied down the prompts, maybe it will help me get myself in gear. Thank you for sharing with us.