Announcement: Sarcasm & Lemons has a calendar! And other news

               new calendar

So in trying to keep myself more organized, I've decided to utilize Google's awesome (and hopefully not disappearing) calendar feature.  From now on, all important events (e.g. giveaways, planned reviews, guest posts, tours) can be found on the handy Calendar Page.  It will be updated as soon as things are planned, so it will always be current!  As a result, the Giveaway and Events page may phase out and be replaced by the calendar.  

In addition, now that grad school isn't kicking my ass quite as much, I've made a list of all the reviews I still owe people and those will be popping up on the site over the next couple months.  My big commitments end mid-April so I can go back to reading a book a week or more.  Sorry for all the waiting...this has been a really rough year.  

Also, if you've sent me a review request and haven't received a reply, it may have gone to my spam folder.  I just discovered a few there and I don't know how many others were caught.  Clearly I'm going to have to check more regularly.  

Here's to a new, more organized Sarcasm & Lemons.  


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