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If you haven't found it yet, you must check out Writer Unboxed.  It's an addictive domain for all things writing and publishing, with fantastic guides on how to write a query letter or book synopsis, what to look for in an editor, what literary agents think about book starts, and more!  Seriously, every time I go on there to read one article, I end up spending an hour in a link labyrinth because the info is so good!  Chuck Sambuchino, who has his own freelance editing service, has some of the best articles--so look out for him!  

But basically, if you're a writer (indie or traditional-hopeful) looking for some guidance, this place has everything.  

Some recent favorites:  

How NOT to begin your novel
Flog a Pro: 50 Shades of Grey 
(Which gives one agent/editor's impressions of the first page, whether they'd take it on, how they'd edit it, etc. Very cool!) 

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