Writing Tips: From the Pros #1

Writing Tips
                     from the pros

So I love giving writer tips from a readerly perspective.  I love reading them too.  They're useful because the readers are your market, and you want to know what that market is thinking and what it loves and loathes.  That said, it's also insanely helpful to get advice from people who have been through the great publishing journey:  the published writers.  They have a different perspective because they've, worked with editors, publishers, agents, etc. and know the innards of the business.  So once a week or so, I'm going to gather the best articles I've found from both readers and writers on writing.  Hopefully in the process, all you writing hopefuls will find a few gems that give you some new perspective.  

From the Writers, Agents, and Publisher 

Marketing Dos and Don'ts for Self Publishing
Going the self-publishing route?  Author and PR exec has tips on how to market yourself and traps to avoid. 

Write the Stand-Alone Book with Series Potential
Selling a series can be tricky.  For agents and authors, it's a gamble.  But they still want to see that you have a lot of books in you.  Middle-grade author Kurtis Scaletta talks about how to write a book that can stand by itself but give you room to grow.  

What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction 
Author Susannah Winsdor Freeman talks about short stories and how reading and writing more of them can help novelists hone their craft.  

What Not to Do When Beginning Your Novel 
Literary agents from some big names talk about what they hate to see in novel beginnings.  This is important for those of you sending out those first 10 pages! 

From the Readers and Reviewers

What Makes a Blurb Sort of Effective to Me
Blogger and reviewer Oh, Chrys talks about what bits of book blurbs (that back of the cover piece) make her want to grab the book, and what keeps her away. 

What I Look for in Books: A Checklist 
Blogger and reviewer Renae at Respiring Reviews gives her two cents on what turns an okay or good book into a great book.  

What I Want to See More of in YA
Christina Reads YA talks about some annoying fiction stereotypes and some topics and characters are are missing from the genre--perfect for an author looking to do something fresh and new! 

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