Guest Post: Saying Smackdown by Samantha Durante, Author of Stitch and Shudder

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Today, we have a very special post from Samantha Durante, author of the dystopian sci-fi romances Stitch and Shudder.  Not familiar?  Check out my review of Stitch and look to the links below for more information.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway, too.  Enjoy!  

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Guest Post: Sayings SMACKDOWN with Isaac & Alessa by Samantha Durante, author of the Stitch Trilogy

Welcome everyone to today’s exciting edition of Sayings SMACKDOWN featuring Isaac and Alessa from the Stitch Trilogy!

“What is Sayings Smackdown?” you ask?  Well, ladies and gents, you’re in for a treat.  Sayings Smackdown is a fun, quick game where your favorite characters will weigh in with their opinions on common idioms and proverbs.  You just never know what they’re going to say next!

Okay, let’s get started!

Round 1: All is fair in love and war.
Alessa: Love?  Maybe…  But war – definitely not.  If you lived in Paragon, trust me, you’d agree.
Isaac: I’m with Less here.  You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do when it comes to love.  But there’s a line you don’t cross when it comes to war.  Some things are just atrocities, plain and simple.

Round 2: You are what you eat.
Isaac: So true!  If I don’t get a good breakfast in me, the day is totally shot.
Alessa: Agreed.  We’ve gone hungry before, and it’s way harder to think clearly on an empty stomach.  Good nutrition is key.

Round 3: Nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Alessa: Hmm, well I guess one upside of living in Paragon is the lack of taxes…
Isaac: Death, on the other hand… well, that’s plenty easy to come by here, if you’re not careful that is.

Round 4: The early bird catches the worm.
Isaac: Umm, I’m not a morning person…
Alessa: Isaac, you turd, it’s not literally about waking up early, it’s about being prepared.  And I totally agree with that – if you’re on top of things, you’re absolutely more likely to get what you’re working toward.

Well said!  Thanks to Alessa and Isaac for joining us for this edition of Sayings SMACKDOWN.  And stay tuned to the Shudder Blog Tour all summer long for future episodes featuring more of your favorite characters from the Stitch Trilogy!
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  1. Oooh, C.J. I like this feature, Sayings Smackdown. I always find it hard to come up with topic for guest posts, but this offers a great way to engage everyone, even if they haven't read the book in question (which I haven't). Alessa seems very prim, practical, and smart, and Isaac a bit of a goofball, but maybe that's just me. I like them, though, and how you can catch a glimpse of their dynamic already (though I am curious to know more! I read your review and I do fit the recommended for crowd...).

    1. I know, I thought it was so cute! Samantha is really creative. I think your impressions of the characters are pretty much how I saw them when I read Stitch. (It's a fun read! Doooo it, peer pressure! :P)