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Book News
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So I usually do longer news posts when something big happens, but sometimes there are lots of little things I want to share with you that don't necessarily fit into Writing Tips or something like that.  And for when I'm lazy.  So, inspired by Christina Reads YA, I decided to do a shorter links post for those times.  Hers are way more detailed and cooler and you should read them, but hopefully you find something fun and interesting here too!  I think this may end up subsuming Writing Tips From the Pros.  

Agents and Publishing

Amazon Publishing Goes Abroad
Amazon publishing, including KDP select, is now available in Mexico!  Yay for more authors being able to share their work!  

2013 Guide to Literary Agents
Chuck Sambuchino's extensive guide is out!  If you don't want to buy the guide, check out his helpful website.  

Manuscript Wish Lists
Want to know what agents are looking for?  Check their Twitters!  

Tips for Writers

A Handful of Writing Advice

Authors give their best words of wisdom--on their palms.  

A Marketing Strategy
How to get the most out of social media as an author.  

Fun Bookish Stuff

Books That Inspired Martin Luther King

GalleyCat collects a selection of free books that inspired the great man, in honor of the anniversary of the March on Washington!  

Six Second Storytelling Advice
Ted Travelstead uses the Vine to tell humorous short stories.  

17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand
BuzzFeed collects some fun gifs that any reader will appreciate.  

32 Books That Will Change Your Life
So, I've read about a third.  How many have you read?  

1907 Reading List 
GalleyCat takes a look at what students read in 1907, and how our literature has changed.  

From the Blogosphere

A Diversity Rant

A thoughtful and heartwrenching discussion of one reader's wish to see more people like her in young adult fiction.  

Howl's Moving Castle
Books of Amber reviews one of my favorite books of all time!  

Love in the Time of Global Warming
Christina Reads YA reviews an exciting new book (and I hear there's a giveaway, hint hint).  

Feelings of Bad Boys
Christina Reads YA talks about bad boys in young adult literature.  

The Cliched Antagonist
Parajunkee discussed when villains lose believability, and what turns a good villain into an eye roll.  

To People Who Critique YA
Better Read Than Dead sends a message to people who think young adult is "dumbed down" or not real literature.  

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