Book News: New Titles from Palahniuk and Pierce

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chuck palahniuk revisits fight club

It's happened.  Years after Fight Club became a cult sensation and a hit movie starring some pretty snazzy actors, Palahniuk has announced a sequel.  In serialized graphic novel form.  Set ten years after Tyler first wreaked Mayhem upon the world.  (See what I did there?)  My feelings are mixed.  On one hand, Chuck is one of my favorite authors of all time.  He's a brilliant commentator on the malaise of modern existence, like Bret Easton Ellis but without the Twitter flack (don't remind me) and with much more of the horrific and the sensational.  Aka, he's brilliant and I love him and I want him to be my best friend.  (Check out my review of Choke or Diary if you're unconvinced.)  

However, we all know that sequels can ruin a good thing.  Some gems don't need a second cutting.  But given that it's a graphic novel, there is SO much that Palahniuk can do with the form to make the sequel a substantially different beast.  All in all, I trust that this isn't just a cash cow.  Chuck is already riding on the success of recent releases.  He doesn't exactly need a reintroduction.  So maybe that means that he's really passionate about this and it'll be true Palahniukian gory glory.  

tamora pierce strikes again

Pierce, one of my fantasy idols, is famous for her stories set in the magical realm of Tortall.  She also has an (allegedly) delightful other world about young mages in the world of Emalan, a series which I have thusfar avoided because I'm so enthralled with Tortall that I was afraid the others could never live up to my dream-world.  Call me ashamed, because how could I possibly doubt Pierce!?  I've re-read her books to shreds.  She's the master of mixing high fantasy with strong female heroines and sizzling romance--but not the kind that overshadows the intrigue or adventure.  I guess the only thing I can say in defense of myself is that there's tons of good high fantasy waiting for me to read it.  

But what in my childhood bubble I failed to realize is that she's still writing about the Circle!  And the next book, Battle Magic, is due out this September.  What does this mean?  Well, if you're never read Tamora, get started!  What does this mean for me?  I'll be reading a lot of Ms. Pierce in the coming months so I can devour this new offering.  Because, you know, I'm silly and somehow have failed to realize how many young adult novels now exist in my favorite genre.  (FAIL.)  

So if you love Sarah J. Maas and Kristen Cashore and Meghan Whalen Turner and all their ilk, try Tamora, because she's got years of magic on them.  


  1. And you said that you were behind on high fantasy! Meanwhile I still haven't read any Tamora Pierce book despite the legions of fans and assurances and ahhh. It'll be awhile until I actually get a chance to read them too - only way I've been reading older books is through my recommendation feature. :O

    I haven't read any of Chuck's work either, though Fight Club is on my computer... I hope it's not the cash cow, as you said, and that this sequel is coming from passion and that the graphic novel form will lend itself to a good adaptation for the story :).

    1. Ha, well I'm behind on NEW stuff, anyway. Marchetta, Cashore, behind. But I grew up with Pierce and it's hard to get away from her stuff. Her characters were like my friends.

      ...what I'm hearing you say is that I need to repeatedly recommend Pierce and Palahniuk until you read them? ;P

      GAH READ IT. Have you seen the movie? It's that only 10x better.