Musing: Where I totally get self-aggrandizing and do musical stuff


So if you're wondering at the total lack of bookish post today, it's because I decided to pretend I play guitar again.  And sometimes I like to record songs because I have impossible and fantastical dreams of rock stardom, which I know will never happen but it's fun to pretend when you're at the karaoke bar.  :P  Anyway, my friend has been bugging me to do duets with her for youtube, which may or may not happen, but at the current moment, I did a song today that I was pretty proud of so I'm sharing it with you guys.  Because it's sort of like being in a band.  And because I'm trying to do things that scare me so I can get over my crippling social anxiety. ;) 

And if you want to hear the original song, which is fantabulous, check the video below. 

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