Writing Tips: From the Pros #2

Writing Tips
                     from the pros

So I love giving writer tips from a readerly perspective.  I love reading them too.  They're useful because the readers are your market, and you want to know what that market is thinking and what it loves and loathes.  That said, it's also insanely helpful to get advice from people who have been through the great publishing journey:  the published writers.  They have a different perspective because they've, worked with editors, publishers, agents, etc. and know the innards of the business.  So enjoy their wisdom.  And even if you aren't a writer, it's fun to read about the process!  

Writing Tips From the Pros #1

From the Writers, Agents, and Publisher 

The Revision Ripple Effect
What starts as a simple revision goes haywire--in good ways.  

30 Writing Prompts for September
GalleyCat challenges you to get inspired.  Take one, two, or combine a few.   

How to Create Your Perfect Penname
Bill Ferris takes an amusing stab at teaching you how find your most marvelous literary monniker.  

The Dreaded Solitude of Writing
Porter Anderson looks at loneliness as part of the writing process.  

Flog the Pros:  The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
Ray Rhamey dissects the first page of J.K. Rowling's "new" book and comments on whether he'd read further, and why.  Part of a great series about looking at how the pros keep a reader reading--and when they get it wrong.  

From the Readers and Reviewers

Then and Now: My Feelings on Bad Boys in YA Lit
Blogger and reviewer Christina looks at her changing opinions on bad boys and how bad boys are defined and use in young adult books.  

I Hate Strong Female Characters
Sophia McDougall looks at how "strong" has become the limiting factor for female characters.  Are male characters "strong?"  What else is there?   

Diversity in YA
A well-reasoned rant about something I'm glad to hear more about these days--the lack of diversity in young adult novels.  

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