Book News: 15 Books Banned for Absurd Reasons

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While I don't think there's a good reason to censor a book (even the creepy ones you can find on Worst Things for Sale), I can logically understand why Christians would hate Harry Potter for supporting witchcraft or why conservative parents might fear The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky for depicting teenage sex and drug use.  I still think it's dumb, but I can understand it.  Then there are the people who get more creative.  Can you guess which Puritan novel was challenged for being "pornographic"?  Or which children's book was reviled for depicting talking animals (which is just wrong)?  Check out Buzzfeed's list of 15 books banned for absurdly hilarious reasons.  


  1. Lol what is Worst Things for Sale? Never heard of that before o.O. Sounds like a site I will never, ever want to visit. Really??? You can understand the HP hate by Christians? That I can't because it has such clear Christian themes that they override the witchcraft. If it were really focused on witchcraft, JKR would have had to put in more rules and limits to her magic system than she did, but hers seems more symbolic. I don't remember enough of Chbosky's novel to comment on that one. Interesting - so talking animals qualifies as needing-to-be-censored? LOL Where the Wild Things Are is about witchcraft? People are so weird. I will never understand. I like to think that I'm an empathetic individual but there are just standpoints I will never get.

    1. Ha, it's a delightful website that collects ridiculous things you can buy. Like the Ipad toilet for children. Also, when I say understand, I mean in a purely intellectual, "If I saw the world through distorted lenses I could maybe see how that works" way. It's still crazypants. Um, obviously talking animals are devil worship. Duh. xD People surprise you with their delusions every day. Some of these don't even make sense. Like The Scarlet Letter being pornographic, when it contains 0 mentions of sex.

  2. Ha! Yes, my favorite was "In The Night Kitchen" being banned because the boy in it was nude at one point (you don't see any genitalia, but *gasp!* a little boy! NAKED! That never happens!)