Book News: Around the Internet #2 / Writing Tips from the Pros #4

Book News
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So, I know I've been quiet lately.  That's due to (a) grad school, (b) persistent lack of sleep, and (c) choosing to work on some of my own, neglected projects.  Fear not!  I have reviews underway for your reading pleasure and they'll come next week to wag their puppydog tails. ...  But for now, here are some awesome writerly things from around the web.  

Agents and Publishing

James Patterson Gives Back
Superstar crime-writer (and everything-writer) James Patterson gives $1 million dollars in support of indie bookstores.  Go indies!  

New Book Deal: Lexa Hillyer

HarperCollins editor Hillyer inks a deal for a book about girl friendship and summer secrets.  Sounds pretty cool.  

Smoke by Ellen Hopkins 
Simon Teen talks about the new sequel to Burned.  

Vicious and Others
Victoria Schwab talks her new novel, comicon, and some other fun stuff.  I can't wait for Vicious!  

Tips for Writers

Book Business Plan

Writers often have to be marketers too.  Four reasons why you should have a business plan for your book.  

Terry McMillan on Writing
Bestseller McMillan talks about how she creates authentic characters, how she writes, and how writing changes her.  

Fact-Based Fiction 
Sprinkling your stories with reality keeps readers grounded and adds some truth to your fiction.  

Your Inner Villain
Writers are nice people.  Villains are not nice people.  How to overcome your niceness to write truly dastardly villains.  

5 Series Mistakes
Writing a fiction series?  Here are five big issues to avoid.  

Emotional Frustration 
Create emotional frustration in your characters to keep the plot tense and exciting. 

How to Publish a Short Story
Short stories are a great bridge to selling a novel--and a great end in themselves.  How and where to get published.  

Flog a Pro: Ender's Game
Ray Rhamy looks at the first page of Ender's Game, whether he'd request a full manuscript, and why--or why not.  

Fun Bookish Stuff

Sunday Book Quiz

Think you know young adult books?  Miss Page Turner tests your bookish knowledge.  

YA Movers and Shakers
Goodreads looks at September's most exciting reads, including All the Truth That's In Me and All Our Yesterdays.  

September Book Covers
Vote for your favorite September Young Adult book cover!  I'm in love with 3:59. 

From the Blogosphere

Theater Illuminata: Series Review

So Respiring Thoughts didn't like this one, but the Alice in Wonderland elements intrigue me.  What do you think?  

Why Fantasy Trumps Contemporary
Christina Reads YA tackles the issue: why is fantasy so much more compelling for her?  (I tend to agree!)  

Bookish Rounds 13
Christina Reads YA gathers bookish info from ALL over the web!  Trust me, she does a way better job of it than I do.  :P 

Wordpress Tips
Are you a blogger?  Parajunkee gives you a crack list of tips to make your blog awesome.  


  1. Heh, I am currently really lacking sleep too. Trying to catch up on comments though because it won't happen otherwise. (But I also really, really need to start working on grad school apps too o.O. And reply to your email. And work on my neglected projects too. Agh! Yayyyy for scheduled reviews! And reviews wagging puppydog tails ;). Why puppies though? GASP YOU ARE NOT A CAT PERSON ARE YOU.

    The James Patterson article still astonishes me. I saw an article yesterday that indies were doing okay as of late though, so I hope that with his money, they'll do even better. (Says the girl who still buys a lot of stuff from Amazon). I'm curious -- where do you get your links from? I get a bunch from Publisher's Weekly, but yours seem more specific :). C.J., have you ever visited It's a great resource for YA writers and since you've got your tips section.... :) Also take a look at this tumblr list I found ( So much stuff there, no? Thanks for the links to my blog :).

  2. So I wrote a comment and then instead of Publish, I hit Sign Out. -_- Anyhoo, let me know if you want app tips. I'm actually a dog person but I also have and adore a cat named Nemo, so maybe I'm an animal person. I also had a horse.

    I know! I love small bookshops. (Despite my addiction, too.) I've never been to those places! They're fantastic. I'm sensing a lot more things for the tip section.