Book News: Around the Internet #4 / Tips from the Pros #5

Book News
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I know, I know, I keep promising reviews and then I send you off to other sites with cool stuff.  Trust me, I'm not happy about it either.  But I've thought of a brilliant solution!  (And it's not just getting off my butt and writing freaking reviews.)  Maybe not brilliant, but I hope you'll appreciate it.  (:  In the meantime, check out some awesome writerly stuff on the web.  

Agents and Publishing

Jim Crace with Best Odds for Booker Prize
For the literary junkies.  Does anyone else find it funny that a prize for books is called the Booker Prize?  Anyone?  

Comic Book Industry

The state of comic books, and how to get yourself into this competitive field. 

Rook by Sharon Cameron
Sharon Cameron, author of The Dark Unwinding (which I gush about at length) just sold a young adult retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  I haven't read that either, but Rook includes a sunken city, an unwanted betrothal, and imminent death.  So I'm sold.   

Heartless by Melissa Meyer
Melissa Meyer sells a prequel to Alice in Wonderland about the rise of the Red Queen.  Um, so, I suck and haven't read Meyer yet, but she had me at "Alice." 

Goodreads' Growing Pains
CNN tackles how Goodreads' recent attempt to stop author bullying is being pegged as censorship by some, and has sent reviewers fleeing to other sites.  

Life Beyond Vampires in Young Adult
The Guardian discusses what all us bloggers figure out a long time ago: that there is life beyond vampires, and it's full of hundreds of amazing books.  Gets points for naming two UK series that sound fabulous and were previously unknown to me.  

Tips for Writers

Book Blurb Blunders

A look at some of the most annoying, cliched phrases in book blurbs.  A quirky, unflinching portrait.  

Fun Bookish Stuff

Harry Potter Proposal

Um, I feel like I should send this to my future spouse as a big hint.  How could you say no!? 

Most Evil Characters
A discussion of the 11 most evil characters in books throughout history.  I agree totally with Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho by the devious Bret Easton Ellis), but Lucifer is just cheating.  

From the Blogosphere

Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess: Review

Books of Amber reviews one of my favorite books of all time!  Not young adult, but definitely essential for the more mature crowd.  

Soulless by Gail Carriger: Review
Christina Reads YA reviews a steampunky book.  Is it just me, or are umbrellas and colorful Victorian women taking over?   

25 Must-Reads with Gay Characters
A great list for people looking for diversity in sexual orientation.  Most exciting part: I have already seen many of these all over the internet!  

Movie Franchise Flops
What the recent failures of The Host and The Mortal Instruments (*crying*) on the silver screen tells us about the state of young adult.  

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