Book News: China restricts children's books

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So, speaking of Banned Books Week, let's look at some potential censorship going on in China.  The children's book market is still blooming in China, enough to attract the government's attention.  A recent document calls for more restriction of the market.  The document targets quality and excessive prices, but also calls for special editing teams to review books.  Specifically, they want to remove children's books containing "murder, violence, obscenity, and erotic content."  It's unclear from the article exactly what counts in each of these areas, but in my humble opinion, there's a lot of danger for wide interpretation--and many perfectly acceptable, important books lost. 

What are your thoughts on this action in China against content in children's books?  


  1. Any time interpretation is used as qualification for some kind of law or action, I get wary. (Which basically means any action we ever do but whatever.) WHO will be the ones determining what qualifies? WHY those topics? WHY children's books with those topics? WHY are children's books more expensive? WHY should they target children's books? Honestly it's articles and actions like this that make me skeptical at all as to why we even separate adult from children's novels. That separation is what allows for the disdain towards one type over the other. And censorship over topics deemed oh-so-inappropriate for the children! Don't blind them! Ah!

  2. Ha, so any law. That's why I'm a big proponent of very clear, enforceable laws that aren't open to interpretation. I'd be a terrible politician. And yes. Kids need exposure to the real world. Not the world that the government wants them to believe is real.