Review Recap: August and September 2013

Review Recap

Waiting for new reviews?  What about all the old ones you haven't seen yet!?  </excessive excitement>  Every month or so, check Review Recap for a list of Sarcasm & Lemon's recent reviews.  Find some books you missed and satisfy your review cravings!   

 The Pirate's Wish
Cassandra Rose Clarke

High fantasy, Assassins, Magic, Middle East 
8/10 stars 
Crown of Midnight 
Sarah J. Maas

High fantasy, Assassins, Magic, Romance 
8/10 stars 
The S-Word 
Chelsea Pitcher 

Contemporary, Depression, Suicide, Mystery 
7/10 stars 
Cristin Bishara 

Science-fiction, Alternate universes, Romance 
7/10 stars 
All the Truth That's in Me 
Julie Berry 

Historical, Romance, Murder, Sexual assault 
8/10 stars 
Robin McKinley 

Science-fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy, Magic 
6/10 stars 

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