Book Buys: C.J. Recommends for November 10, 2013 with House of Night full set!

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Daily (or as often as I can), I'll share my favorite deals of the day.  This will include Amazon daily deals as well as sales on Better World Books and from indie authors.  It will also include things I've just come across that happen to be cheap.  So check back often, because every post will have a ton of cheap deals!  I'll post a review if I have one, but a lot will be ones I want to read or ones I think young adult readers might be interested in.  

Deals are for the Kindle versions unless stated otherwise!  

Grab the ENTIRE House of Night series, only $2.99 each! 

And more! 

$2.99                          $3.99                          $3.99                          $1.99                          $1.90 

Authors and publishers: have a deal? 
Send me the link 24 hours before it goes live (or more) and I'll post it! 

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