Book News: Around the Internet #5 / Tips from the Pros #6

Book News
                    around the internet

It's been a while since I've done one of this, so I have a pretty long list of cool stuff for you to look at!  Check out some awesome bookishness from around the web.    

Agents and Publishing

The Rise of Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey turned his self-published Wool into a best-seller--and a book deal.  Check out his inspirational story.  

DIY Marketing 
Self-published?  Here are some tips to take your marketing to the next level. 

Author News

Laini Taylor's Travels and News
The author of Daughter of Smoke and Bone has some fun travel news as well as a cool DoSB read-a-thon! 

Tips for Writers

Book Blurb Blunders

A look at some of the most annoying, cliched phrases in book blurbs.  A quirky, unflinching portrait.  

A 12 Day Plan
Twelve days of simple writing exercises to get you back on the horse.  

Fun Bookish Stuff

CBC Writer Conference

Do you want to meet some amazing authors?  This event features Jodi Meadows (*swoon*), Jennifer Armentrout, C.J. Redwine, and more favorites! 

Incarnate Readathon 
Backwards Story and Alexa Loves Books host a read-a-thon through all the Incarnate books by Jodi Meadows.  Don't worry, there's still time to jump in!  

Top 11 Books for Talking About Tough Stuff
Laurie Halse Anderson (author of Speak) reveals some of her favorite books that deal with tough teen issues. 

Harry Potter at Universal 
There's going to be a Diagon Alley!!!!!!!! 

From the Blogosphere

2014 Catch-Up Challenge

Your humble author of Sarcasm & Lemons wants you to come whittle down your TBR with her!   Involves prizes.  Oooh, prizes, shiiiiny.  

Buddy Reading Challenge
Christina wants buddy readers!  Tackle your TBR with a friend. 

Teen Vogue's Most Anticipated Books of 2014
They're not just for fashion.  Teen Vogue catalogs their 15 top young adult picks for this year.  Are any of your favorites on it?  

ARC Essentials with Simon & Schuster
This is a great series on The Irish Banana Review that gives you the inside track to getting ARCS from some of your favorite publishers.  Respectfully.  

Is Teen Romantic Fiction Bad for Boys? 
Teen lit gives girls the chance to see average, gawky girls ending up the hot dreamboy.  So where does that leave the average, gawky guys?  A really well-written piece. 

So You've Read Ellen Hopkins 
Book Riot gives some suggestions for books just as gritty and powerful as Crank.  I'll definitely be stealing a lot from this list for my TBR shelf.  

Things Your Blog Needs
Blog guru Parajunkee reviews all the pieces you need for a well-designed book blog.  Makes me realize I need an "About Me" page... 

Friday Forecast 
Rainy Day Ramblings takes you through this week's new releases.  A fantastic weekly feature. 

A Storied Week 
Rob Zimmerman takes on the challenge of reading five short stories per week, and bringing them to you! 

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