Cover Love: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

cover love 
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I didn't even realize that the last cover I did was also Kiersten White until I went to copy the formatting.  Clearly, chick gets good covers.  This one is dark, painterly, and has freaking ravens flying out of a teacup!  Um, yes.  There's also something really sinister about that girl's smirk that makes me hungry for more.  The one thing I dislike is the tagline.  It's just not in a great spot.  It looks like it was slapped on there.  Oh, and did I mention how amazing the digital painting was?  Way superior to your average photoshoot cover!  

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I ran across this on Pandora the other day, or maybe at a coffee shop.  It's "The Freshman" originally by the Verve, covered by a little-known band with a killer piano.  It's a little rough around the vocals, but the piano is just so prettttyyyy.  


  1. WOW! This cover is AMAZING!! I love the ravens coming out of the teacup too. I looked up the synopsis and oh my! Def added this one to my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Glad you found something new! I just couldn't believe how gorgeous this one was.

  2. This cover is so pretty! I can't believe I've never seen it before!! And I agree with you those ravens look amazing :)