Book News: Around the Internet #6

Book News
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It's been a while since I've done one of this, so I have a pretty long list of cool stuff for you to look at!  Check out some awesome bookishness from around the web.    

Book and Author News

HarperTeen's Fall 2014 Cover Reveals
See what's ahead for this year!  

The Glorious Incoherency of Divergent
The Atlantic discusses the pitfalls in Divergent's concept.  Do you agree? 

Most Anticipated YA Books: March 2014
Miss any of these?  HarperTeen and Epic Reads has your back.  

Most Anticipated YA Books: April 2014
A list of potential favorites from HarperTeen and Epic reads. 

Tips for Writers

Amazon Day One Journal

Amazon's literary magazine is looking for poetry and short stories! 

Dear Lucky Agent Contest 
Do you write young adult novels?  Enter with your completed novel excerpt for a chance to win a free critique from a top agent! 

10 Tips About Process 
Bestselling writer Brunonia Barry talks about the process of writing fiction and crafting great stories.  

20 Tips for Writing Love Scenes
20 authors tackle the perfect love scene. 

Fun Bookish Stuff

Top 10 Horror Books
YA Asylum discusses some well-known and lesser known YA horrors for the creeper in us all. 

Smart Reads for Teens 
Another great list from Kirkus, this time books that will challenge your brain.  

YA Retellings 
An amazing chart of 162 YA retellings by category.  

11 YA Books that will Make You Cry
You know, if you're into that kind of thing.  

5 Extreme YA Reads
Books for those of us who like some bite.  

From the Blogosphere


Building a Blogging Community
Parajunkee has some great tips for fostering blogging community spirit.  Join the movement!  


2014 Catch-Up Challenge

Your humble author of Sarcasm & Lemons wants you to come whittle down your TBR with her!   Involves prizes.  Oooh, prizes, shiiiiny.  

Fool for Books Challenge
Parajunkee has 15 days of book foolery and fun. 

10 Toxic Relationships in YA Romance
Edward and Bella aren't the only dysfunctional couple.  Take a look at some popular and abusive relationships in YA books, movies, and TV. 

The Apartheid of Children's Literature 
In 2013, 3200 children's books were published.  93 were about black people.  Read more about the diversity vacuum in children's and young adult. 

Where are the People of Color in Children's Books? 
Author Walter Dean Myers (Monster, Lockdown, &c) tackles the diversity vacuum from a poignantly personal perspective. 

5 Amazing Young Adult Novels Starring Characters of Color
Bothered by the lack of PoC representation in YA?  Do something by reading and promoting these great books.  

Race in YA Lit: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee-Colored Skin 
Sarah Hockler makes a plea to white authors with a great mix of humor and incisiveness, while also pointing out some of the key problems with YA whitewashing. 


Elusion by Claudia Gabel / Cheryl Klam
From the Book Nookery. 

Sekret by Lindsay Smith 
From Christina Reads YA, with a giveaway. 

Plus One by Elizabeth Fama 
From Love is Not a Triangle. 

Promise of Shadows by Justin Ireland
From the Book Nookery. 

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