Cover Love: The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

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WHOA.  I knew I had to read this book as soon a I saw the cover.  (Thankfully, the synopsis matched my expectations.)  For a book about slut-shaming and bullying, it's perfect.  Raw, edgy, objectifying.  It turns Alice into a sexualized silhouette surrounded by hate, suffocated by it.  I'm in love.  Not to mention the text art!  It reminds me of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I die for good text art.  It's so much cleaner and more powerful than your average picture-of-girl cover.  Rock on.  

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You probably don't think of Phil Collins when you think of Disturbed.  You probably also don't think of quasi-political rock when you think of Phil Collins.  Let me expand your world!  This is one of my favorite Phil Collins (or Genesis?) songs and Disturbed faithfully replicates it with an edge and growl that only they can.  


  1. gotta agree that the cover is absolutely lovely. i really can't wait to read this :D

    1. Me neither! Not too much longer to wait, I think.

  2. I LOVE this cover. The subject matter is not something I enjoy, but wow, this cover makes it tempting.

    1. I have an odd affinity for tough stuff in books. I wouldn't say it's enjoyable in the common sense, but it's something I can't get away from. The cover is just SO good, I hope the writing matches.


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