Guest Post: The True Definition of Success, by Lichgates author S.M. Boyce

guest post 

The true definition of success

Question for you.

How do you define success?

I know, I know, we just met and that’s a heavy question to drop on a stranger. But really stop for a moment and think about it.

There are so many external influences when it comes to success: society (be rich! be beautiful!), family (get a great job! be happy! marry that doctor!), and even friends (go drinking with me tonight! date that sexy guitarist!)

With all of those rampant (and sometimes conflicting) expectations, it can seriously bog down the most important success meter of all: yours.

That said, riddle me this: at what point in your life will you be (or did you become) a success?

If it helps, I’ll go first. This has been a long road for me with lots of self-doubt and second guessing. I used to think success meant “following the plan” and checking off a list: degree, job, house, marriage, kid. You get the idea. Comfortable life. Good job. Lots of money.

But as I started down the path, my list stopped making sense. I did some things out of order, and skipped other things altogether.

It was more like: degree, debt, soul-sucking job, perfect husband, more debt, parents basement.

That’s right. Married woman with a fulltime day job in her parents’ basement. I felt like a failure.

That is until I took a serious look at life and what I wanted out of it. I wanted happiness. I wanted creativity. Control. Joy. Love.

So I reflected on the aspects of life I already had that I cherished. Perfect husband: check. Creative outlet (my writing): check.

I wasn’t miserable. I’d lucked into some aspects of my life that made me start to realize what success could mean… something totally different than what I originally thought.

Happiness. Incredible wealth. Charity. Pure joy and love for every minute of the day.

So I buckled down. I wrote like hell at all hours of the day and night. I wrote in the mornings. I slept in my car during lunch. I did whatever it took to publish my books. I marketed and researched and studied. And though it’s been one helluva ride, I’ve loved it.

Now I’m a fulltime writer. Check.

Success is ever-changing. It evolves with you. It’s not an end-goal, but it is important to savor the victories along the way.

If you look closely at where you are and what you want, I think you’ll find you already are a success in more ways than one.

So tell me… what does success mean for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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