Cover Love: Silvern by Christina L. Farley

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I actually wasn't a huge fan of the Gilded cover.  It was pretty enough, but a little, I dunno, childish maybe?  It didn't grab my eye.  But Silvern got me immediately.  The smoking tiger is sparkly and almost palpably glowing, and the highlights in his fur bring out the glitter in the title text perfectly.  I think the muted, more homogeneous color scheme here just works better than the strong contrast in Gilded.  Plus, look at those sparkles!  It just screams "magical!"  I could maybe do without the border, but I'm torn. But get rid of the border and title text and I'd put this poster on my wall.  

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with every book cover comes a music cover 

Today's cover is brought to you by my friend Matt, although it's also one of my favorites.  Guns N' Roses gives the Stones' classic an update with Axel's eerie bayou screams.  Maybe I think bayou because this song happens to be the ending soundtrack for Interview with a Vampire, the fantastic movie adaptation of Anne Rice's classic.  God, how I still adore Lestat.  Even played by Tom Cruise.  

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