Musing: BEA book haul squeeness


Yeah, I know BEA was in May. And I got too busy to post a recap. (If you really want one, mine is pretty similar to Christina's except for where I stood in line for two hours to see Cary Elwes and he shook my hand and I died.)  But if you're curious what I came back with, check the pics.  Google+ also made a gif of me and Sarah J. Maas.  Still dying over that.  

I'm also still planning on doing a giveaway or two, so some of these lovely books might be yours!  

A post-BEA surprise in the mail from a wonderful publicist! 
(I still like the UK title better: Vivian Versus the Apocalypse) 

Stacked by release month. Because I'm anal retentive. September is gonna be BUSY. 

Nemo enjoyed one of my many free tote bags.  

What I want to know from you: 

Any of these you especially want to read / see a review for?  
Any you've read already?  What did you think?
What other new books are you psyched about?  


  1. OMG so many books and familiar titles I could die! Especially Heir of Fire, Stone Cold Touch (I especially can't wait for this one! I needed it immediately after finishing WHK. JLA always gives me withdrawal after reading her books), Afterworlds, Landline and a few others. I can't wait to see your reviews on them to tide me over until I get my hands on them! I also see you got Splintered and Ensnared I've been meaning to get my own copies~Ensnared is going to be so awesome! Lucky you! :)

    1. Can I be any later with these replies? GAH. Anyhoo, I haven't read any JLA but people rave. I can personally say: Heir of Fire rocked, Afterworlds is amazing (I'm almost done), and Landline was pretty good but not as good as I was expected. Unfortunately they were only giving away Ensnared posters, not ARCs, so you and I are in the same boat for reading it!

  2. I loved Salt & Storm and am reading Heir of Fire (yay) now. There are so many pretties. I would die for trial by fire, jackaby, stitching snow, landline, the darkest part of the forest and I'll give you the sun!! Aww this upcoming season is going to be so epic for new releases

    1. I finished Salt & Storm recently. So good and in an unexpected way! I'll Give you the Sun owns my soul. It's worthy of dying for. (But live, so you can read it. (: )

  3. I really can't wait for The Darkest Part of the Forest and Afterworlds! Ah, you have so many books. That's a wonderful haul!

    1. I'll admit, I still squee about it. Afterworlds = amazing. I haven't gotten to Darkest Part of the Forest yet but I'm super excited too. Many books = many hours reading.