Mini Review: Paper Towns by John Green

mini review
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paper towns
john green

My feelings about this book were mixed.  From a readerly perspective, I adored every second.  It's quirky, whimsical, and touching without being sickly sweet.  From a literary perspective, I felt a twinge of disappointment.  After having read Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, and now Paper Towns, I realize...John Green has a formula.  Quirky, out-of-place guy with clever, odd friends searching for manicpixiedreamgirl.  And he does it so well but it's also formulaic in a way that makes The Fault in Our Stars that much better, because it's so far outside of Green's norm.  It's almost samey.  That said, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book, probably more than Katherines and Alaska.  Q is sympathetic but not pitiful; he's clever, driven, and pretty self-aware.  His best friends are hysterical and Margo, the girl he's chasing, is more complex than your average MPDG.  In fact, she defies some of the MPDGness by being absent for much of the book.  Even though the book is about understanding Margo and solving her mystery, it's more about Q's deepening friendships and nascent self-confidence.  There's also a dark undertone that gives the book more weight than your average road trip contemporary.  Green's characteristic wit and snark pulled me in deep and kept me riveted until the satisfyingly inconclusive end.  

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