Cover Love: Dead to Me by Mary McCoy

cover love 

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This one captured me with its clean lines and bold outlining.  Like every good cover, it's easy to read and gives you a clear sense of the book.  The cheeky tagline.  The artsy poster style, the palm trees, and the woman in pearls read old-school Hollywood.  The blood is an obvious allusion to murder, but is visually subtle here.  And who doesn't love the contrast of parchment, teal, and red?  I would buy a poster of this, I really would.  The only "meh" bit is the author name.  I love the idea of a signature, celebrity-style, but the font used here is more cutesy high school note than glam.  

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with every book cover comes a music cover 

If you were alive in the 90s, you heard Jumper.  Probably even if you weren't.  Though the original is my favorite, this gorgeous acoustic cover first shown to me by my college roommate is a close second.  Between the piano, the heart-melting vocals, and the dramatic growls, it's a worthy remake that sticks to the original but adds its own flair. 


  1. I like this cover too. It is clean and has an antique look to it.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. It's very vintage looking. Like the book cover version of Mod Cloth.