Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Check In With

top ten tuesday

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c.j.'s selections
                in no real order

one I adored Alina and Mal (not to mention these gorgeous books).  We get little hints of what goes on for them at the end of the series, but I'd love to know how their lives are going.  Are they still friends with His Hotness Highness?  Are they on new adventures? //  Goodreads 
two Speaking of pretty books, my next pick is Karou.  There was a tinge of bittersweet to the end of her tale, with hints for the future.  Do things ever work out for her?  What about the other angels and chimaera?  Did Suze and Mik have the craziest wedding?  //  Goodreads
Seriously, what happened with Olivia and Henry?  Winters leaves this book really open-ended, but obviously Olivia is going to be a delightful feminist badass.  I want to hear about her life, and whether she encounters her friends again.  //  Goodreads
four Pullman pretty much destroyed me with the ending to his series.  I know I'm not alone.  I really connected with Will and Lyra, and I wish we knew more about where they went.  Whether they ever found each other.  Whether they healed.  //  Goodreads 
five Seriously, don't you want to know what Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are like as adults?  They were brilliant enough as kids.  I'm dying to know how they used their talents to reshape the world.  Plus, Violet-Duncan Klaus-Isadora?  I mean, updates, please? //  Goodreads 
six Bring Susan back to Narnia!!!  Hem.  Seriously, though, what's life like after the last battle?  There were so many great characters--Reepacheep, Caspian, Rillian, obviously the original four.  Are there adventures after the end? //  Goodreads 
seven I could just list everyone in Harry Potter here, but I'll let you imagine.  A couple favorites I'd like to reconnect with: Draco, Hermione, Luna, George.  //  Goodreads 
eight Poor Gale.  Does he ever recover from the end of the revolution?  Does he find someone who doesn't cruelly string him along?  How does he fit in to the rebuilding?  He deserves his own epilogue.  Since Katniss' was super lame.  Sigh.  //  Goodreads 
nine Tori and Alison are two of the most underrated young adult heroines, in two of the most underrated books.  They were still teens when the story ended, still new to their abilities and relationships.  I want to know what happened with them, the other worlders, the people trying to find them. //  Goodreads 
ten Charlie and I met at a pretty dark time in my life, and in his.  I left him on an up-note, but no doubt there were going to be trials in his future.  How's the rest of high school?  How is he managing his head?  Has his family come back together after the devastating end? //  Goodreads 


  1. With HP and HG, I don't wonder about specific people -- I want to know about the whole book world. What happens to everybody? Even though I haven't finished ASOUE yet, I do wonder about those poor orphans. Do they ever catch a break?

    Happy TTT!

    1. I think about that too. HP and HG end at such critical points for their worlds. It would be cool to find out if they're able to get past the disasters. Ha, yes, Snicket does love torturing those guys.


  2. I always comfort myself re: Susan with the fact that at least she isn't dead yet in The Last Battle, unlike the others. She's got time!

    My TTT.

    1. I always read the train crashing as her being dead, though, since she was on it. I guess maybe it's more ambiguous than I'd always thought?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only Gale fan.

  4. I'm not done with the Shadow and Bone trilogy yet, but I'd love to check in on Alina and Mal!
    I would love to check on Luna and Dobby myself. ;)
    Ha, after finally rereading Mockingjay, I'm still not sure if Gale's a character I would want to check in on personally.

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. They're two of my favorite people. Aw, Dobby!

      Eh, I think Collins villanizes him more than is warranted to make the love triangle easy. She takes a very heartrending mistake and makes him seem like Hitler. But that's just me. :P

  5. Gah I love you picks^^ we share quite a few, from Karou, Lyra (and Will!), everyone in Harry Potter and well Hunger Games, I went with Katniss and Peeta but I'd love to reconnect with Gale, Haymitch, Johanna and everyone else to be honest. I still need to read the Grisha trilogy, The Cure for Dreaming and Perks of Being a Wallflower. And as for Narnia? HELL YESS BRING SUSAN BACK D: Awesome list and thanks for stopping by my post yesterday!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    1. I actually like movie-Peeta a lot more than book-Peeta, weirdly enough. Haymitch, Johanna! Can't believe I forgot them. Johanna was one of my favorites. Oooh read them read them now! Or, you know, at your leisure. :P Seriously some of my favorites.

      Glad I'm not the only one who liked Susan. Grr, C.S. Lewis. Grr.

      Any time! I enjoy your blog. (: