Book News: BEA 2015 Day 1 Recap

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Despite the rain and the lack of eating (yes, Christina and I forgot to eat until dinner...), BEA day one was fabulous.  

Oh, and despite the extremely depressing lack of Truthwitch in my life.  Yes, the line cut off just as I got to it.  There were some internal tears going on.  

Check out the video for our full recap.  In the meantime, here are the highlights:  

1.  Selfie with Susan Dennard, who signed a Truthwitch book for me as a consolation because she's the sweetest.  

2.  The publicists at Candlewick, Soho, and Sourcebooks were some of the nicest people on Earth!  

3.  Meeting up with the amazing Summer of Blue Sky Bookshelf for a panini (Sergimmo's Salumeria is super high on my food list), a trip to the Strand, and a milkshake.  

4.  The Strand.  OMG.  

5.  That beautiful Illuminae galley.  Seriously, I can't even imagine what that printing must have cost. 

6.  Just made the signing with Amy Ewing for The White Rose!  I was so happy.  The Jewel was one of my favorites from last year, so I'd have been sad to miss it. 

The Book Call 


  1. Ha! It was the "train that couldn't even" last night. Nice haul. My daughter (a blogger) nabbed some great books for me (happy mom!), including Illuminae, and I agree, it is stunning (the picture does it no justice and you cannot see the cool stuff inside). Enjoy the rest of BEA!

    1. Oh, the trains. Driving everyone crazy. (I knooow, I wish I could do a 3D blog hologram of Illuminae so everyone can see how pretty it is!) Thanks!

  2. *Sigh* I’m so jealous of everyone at BEA this year! I’ve never been to a BEA conference and they always look amazing. Hopefully next year! But glad it was fun (despite the lack of food–HOW DID YOU SURVIVE) and you have a really great haul! Looking forward to your next recap :)

    1. You should definitely make it at some point! It's worth the craziness. (Ha, on books? It was not my best decision.) Thanks!

  3. Those are a lot of titles I'll need to look up. Great covers, though...and that's why I need to look them up, haha. What's that "The Doldrums" one? Is it a book, because it looks like a box with the hinges and all that. Hope it doesn't turn out to be Jumanji ;)

    1. It is a book inside of a box. The packaging was really pretty and the book has lots of cool illustrations. Not Jumanji, I don't think. :P


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