Review Recap: Reviews and Reads for May 2015

Review Recap
                    may 2015

May was a productive month.  I read a bunch of lovely fantasy and a few others gems, I interviewed Sarah Dessen, and I spent three days at the fabulous Book Expo America!  Fewer reviews this month, since I was out of town for a week and a half and just starting my teaching.  Now that my travels are done, I'll have a full schedule of reviews for you in June, including some of the BEA gems I picked up.  

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Chuck Palahniuk

Adult, Paranormal, Horror, Murder

5/5 stars 
Invisible Monsters
Chuck Palahniuk 

Adult, Contemporary, Fashion, Transgressive 
5/5 stars 
Saint Anything
Sarah Dessen

Young adult, Contemporary, Romance, High school, Family 
4/5 stars 
Dream a Little Dream
Kerstin Gier

Young adult, Urban fantasy, Dreams, High school 
5/5 stars 

other notables

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