Discussion: Opinions about books that make C.J. a black sheep (a tag)

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With great power comes great responsibility.  To tell the truth, even if it makes you the kid at the lunch table who picks her nose and eats it.  So, courtesy of my lovely co-blogger Aimee (Deadly Darlings), I admit to you some of my greatest bookish secrets...

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a popular book or series you didn't like

I can only pick one?  (I'm a perpetual black sheep.)  I suppose it'd have to be Graceling by Kristen Cashore.  I really wanted to like it.  It's the fantasy.  It's hailed by every great fantasy writer that I love.  And yet, I found it rather slow.  I didn't really connect with the romance.  I didn't really not like it, but I felt some indifference.  This still bothers me.  

a popular book or series that everyone hates but you love

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira got a lot of bad press.  A lot of people thought it was juvenile, disconnected, annoying.  I did have my criticisms, but I thought it was really thoughtful and interesting.  And I could really connect with the main character.

love triangle where the mc ended up with the person you didn't want them to end up with

Um, freaking all of them!?  Not really, but I tend to like The Other Guy.  There's the classic Hunger Games answer (Peeta is so dull), but I'll be original and go with Throne of Glass.  It only sorta counts because the series is ongoing, but Celaena had a steamy relationship with one of the guys, and I much preferred the other one.  (Okay, the one she picked grew on me, but still!)  

popular book genre you hardly reach for

Is paranormal romance still popular?  Because that.  I never really recovered from Twilight and the vamp-a-likes.  I also don't go much for adult genre fiction, especially the romances.  Or new adult.  Ugh, why is it all about brooding Edward Cullen look-a-likes?  

a popular or beloved character you didn't like

Here I am going to go with Peeta.  He was just so boring.  They added personality to him in the movie, but he was such a whiny dullard in the books.  "Oh, there's an important human rights struggle going on, but let's romp in the flowers!"  Gag me with a spoon.  

a popular author that you can't seem to get into

Jennifer L. Armentrout.  To be fair, I haven't actually read her stuff yet.  I'm willing to give White Hot Kiss a try, mostly because I own it.  I just have a feeling that I'm going to throw the book at a wall.  I don't do paranormal romances with brooding bad boys, remember?  

a popular book trope you're tired of seeing

Person has a life, and then neat new boy/girl comes to town, and there's sort of a plot but mostly just romance, and also screw family and friends, all I need is neat new boy/girl.  Plus jealousy/possessiveness = love.  Screw that.  Oh, and freaking soulmates.  Whether they're bonded by blood or imprints or spit.

You know who you are.  

a popular series you have no interest in reading

It's either Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick or ... no, that's probably the main one.  It just sounds like Abusive Paranormal Couple #2.  Maybe also The Selection by Kiera Cass, but I have a slight interest in that one.  

show/movie adaptation you liked better than the book

I'm going to shock and horrify you all and say Twilight.  I didn't exactly like the movie, but they dramatically (I mean crazy dramatically) improved on the book.  Like, Bella almost had a personality.  And at least it makes for a hysterical drinking game.  

Alright, friends.  Time to share your shameful secrets.  I nominate: Christina Reads YA, Micheline at Lunar Rainbows, and Cassi at My Thoughts...Literally.   


  1. YOU DON'T LIKE PEETA? OMG. Haha, just kidding. I don't even know how I feel about those books anymore, it's been so long since I read them. They didn't really make a HUGE impact on me. I am with you on Jennifer Armentrout! I DNFed two of her books before trying and actually ENJOYING White Hot Kiss (so you should definitely give that a shot). I am SHOCKED you didn't like Graceling. I haven't read it yet, but the whole "it's the fantasy" part gives me pause. I really don't want to be the black sheep! But I am a black sheep for Jamie McGuire's books. I am so DONE with them. I loved BD at the time, but honestly looking back? It was awful. (I'd also probably feel the same way with Hush, Hush, if I reread it too).

    And hello lovely new design! This is the first time I'm seeing it, and I LOVE it! Also congrats on the co-blogging at Deadly Darlings. It's going to be fabulous seeing you on there! :)

    1. Hahahaha, deal! ;P I loved the books, but I wasn't obsessed. GOD I'm glad I'm not the only JLA indifferent person. I feel so alone! I guess I'll keep White Hot Kiss on my list, then. (White Kiss, Hot Kiss, is ooooon my list....)

      I am also shocked that I didn't like Graceling. I may re-read it one day just to see if I feel differently.

      Thank you! Charm&CO did a fabulous job. Also thank you! I'm so excited to be working with such great ladies.

  2. "Whether they're bonded by blood or imprints or spit." OMGGG. YOU JUST KILLED ME. XD Yes. Yes. I've had enough of those "we're connected" stories to last a life time. How about actual true developing and growing love for once? gah. ANYWAY. xD I quite enjoyed this! I'm glad you liked Love Letters to the Dead! I didn't really, but not because the book was bad, just because I thought it was too much like Perks of Being a Wallflower? Which is like a total favourite of mine. xD Otherwise I really liked the writing and it was a bit heartbreaking there.

    I DID read Hush Hush and bah. Don't waste your time. I didn't think it was awful...but...it wasn't right. The romance was so whacked. Who the HECK said YA paranormal romances need to feature abuse?? Because they need to be fired. >_<

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. YES, SOMEONE GETS MY HUMOR! What is "developing love?"

      LLttD did have very similar qualities, but I found it different enough from Perks. Although from a literary standpoint, Perks is definitely superior.

      Good, glad I'm not missing out. I am SO sick of abuse being portrayed as passion.

  3. ohmy, I DON'T LIKE PEETA AS WELL!! I don't even see why many people like him (well okay, maybe I won't really since I haven't read the entire series. but still...) The many disappointed reviews on Love Letters to the Dead really put me off.. and I'm not really interested in reading Hush Hush.. most likely because of its genre - the angels and demons kind of thing - not really my type of read.

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

    1. LET'S START A TEAM! You should totally give Love Letters a try. There are so many good reviews too.

      I don't mind angels and demons, but I do mind creepy stalker boyfriends.

  4. I've heard I will like Graceling. It has my favorite kind of magical system and I've had it recommended a lot. Not sure when I'll get to it though. And I'm totally with you on paranormal romance. In terms of JLA maybe try her non-paranormal stuff. I read her YA mystery Don't Look Back and really liked it. But that's her only book I've read.

    And now to where we disagree. I mean I totally love the other person in Throne of Glass, he is my boy but I just feel like the person she picked is better for Celaena. One for spoilery reasons and two because I'm kind of over the kickass female character ending up with the handsome prince. And far as Peeta goes yes, he is boring and pathetic but I love the gender role-reversal in that relationship so I ship it for that reason alone.

    I love this! I often feel like such a black sheep when it comes to a lot of books and it's kind of nerve-wracking to admit it to people who are such die hard fans of stuff. But I will definitely do the tag. Thanks for tagging me!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    1. I thought I would too. :( I've never been so disappointed not to like a book. I feel shellshocked. Hm, maybe I'll check out Don't Look Back.

      I love him way more now than I used to. And I will admit, he's a more mature choice for Celaena. I just personally love the other guy so much--and he's so much more than a handsome prince! I feel like the highborn ending up with a lowborn is done too. But who knows what'll happen by book 6?

      I'm glad! I'm always nervous about tagging people, but I took a stab. :P

  5. YES! I seriously agree about Graceling -- I slagged through it and then thought, WHAT? I'd heard it was life changing but not for me! I love the Lux series by JLA but you are right not to read Dark Elements -- after the whole crowd-fund love triangle, I gave up.

    1. I'm not alone! Huzzah!

      Crowd fund love triangle = murder. Of kittens. Many kittens.

  6. I haven't yet read Graceling. I feel like I HAVE to give it a try but have no real urge for it either, you know? I also really liked Love Letters to the Dead! I thought it was super interesting and different.

    1. If you're a fantasy fan, you should read it. MOST people like it. Yay, I'm glad you liked Love Letters!