Beating book hangover: The romance edition Part I, realistic romance

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The only thing worse than missing out on a good book is reading it and loving it, only to have it cruelly ripped out of your life like the heart from a man's chest. By some kind of cannibal. Just roll with it.

This horrible post-book feeling is known as "book hangover," and there's only one good way to beat it: read another amazing book. Seems easy, but in the moment, when you've turned the last page and are groaning in the fetal position on your floor, it can be difficult to think of a suitable successor. I'm here to save your soul. Find the book you're missing, and try one of these matches!

And if you're feeling like buying, click the covers! Some of the proceeds go to your humble, broke blogger.

so you're hungover on fantasy...

fun, sweet contemporary 

sad, poignant contemporary  

gritty, glittering contemporary


How do you beat book hangover?  Are there any good reads I'm missing?  


  1. OMG. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I’ll Give You the Sun and We Were Liars especially, both of them were so amazing and gave me such big book-hangovers.

    I'd also add Tiger Lily and the Percy Jackson series to this list; they're huge on the book-hangover department as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing this and, as always, fabulous post CJ! ♥

    1. YAY! OMG YES, I literally bought The Sky is Everywhere immediately after finishing I'll Give You the Sun.

      Good call. Would Percy Jackson qualify as romance? Also, where do you think I should categorize Tiger Lily? Fairy tales?

      Thank you, m'dear! <3

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  3. Oh my gosh, I love all the lists, especially the fun, sweet Contemporary one and the Sad, poignant Contemporary one. :) I love Contemporary if you couldn't tell. Haha. And I clearly need to check out gritty, glittering contemp since it has TTSAO...which I will one day read.

    I would put The Night We Said Yes, Emmy & Oliver and Fans of The Impossible Life in one of those categories, they're all kind of sad for one reason but then also fun for another reason.

    I think to beat a book hangover, I just jump into a book I'm really excited about and hope I still love it at the end.

    - Amber @ YA Indulgences

    1. Thanks! Lists are my favorite. :P Haha, I'd never guess. TTSAO was so freaking good!

      Ooh, good call. I haven't read any of those yet but I've heard lots of good things.

      That's similar to my strategy. Just gotta hope that there's a book I'm feeling excited enough about AND in the mood for.