Top Ten Tuesday: Quotes I've loved from books I've read this year . . . ish

top ten tuesday

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Words can save your life. 

c.j.'s selections
                         ten ten ten

one There are entire worlds that exist just beneath our notice of them. 
two   Perhaps bravery is simply the face humanity wraps around its collective madness.  
I learned that there is good in this world, if you look hard enough for it.  I learned that not everyone is disappointing, including me, and that a 1,257 bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you're standing next to the right person.
four  Love does as it undoes. It goes after, with equal tenacity: joy and heartbreak. 
five   Oh darling, do you know all the rage that is inside of you? 
six   She's attracted to trouble. Because at least she knows it's right there in front of her and not hidden away. 
seven   When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.
eight   And what's also important is that I know a big part of that worry is that, no matter what group of friends you're in, no matter how long you've known them, you always assume you're the least-wanted person there. The one everyone else could do without. 
nine   I am a human being, but nobody seems to recognize this. 
ten   Their radiance dissolves me; my being becomes mist. Unmoored, my heart comes unanchored and slides toward the ocean of eternity.  


  1. Man, I still need to read Illuminae, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Six of Crows AND Court of Fives...but...from the quotes you've shared here, it looks like I'm in for some quality reads ;) Awesome list CJ^^ xx

    1. Ooh, you must! Those are four of my favorite books of 2015. Court of Fives in particular has gotten so much less hype than it deserves. Thank you! ^^

  2. Yay! I love both quotes from EE and ATBP. Those are also the only two books I've read on this list (sad). The quotes from The Accident Season and I Crawl Through It are so, so good as well.

    1. Thanks, me too! That just means you get to read the rest FOR THE FIRST TIME which I'm so jealous of. The books are even better. ;)